Web-MIDI events and messages with the WebMidi.js library


Use the latest version of the great WebMidi library available at https://github.com/djipco/webmidi.

The API is documented at http://djipco.github.io/webmidi/latest/classes/WebMidi.html.

Application log: (last message first)

Informative messages showing what the application is doing.

MIDI events: (last event first)

Show the connected and disconnected events generated by the WebMidi object.

WebMidi.addListener("connected", handleMidiEvent);
WebMidi.addListener("disconnected", handleMidiEvent);

Inputs (MIDI sources):

Show the MIDI ports listed in the inputs attribute of the WebMidi object.

Outputs (MIDI targets):

Show the MIDI ports listed in the outputs attribute of the WebMidi object.

MIDI messages: (last message first)

Show the messages events generated by the inputs ports of the WebMidi object.

WebMidi.inputs.map(function(port) { port.addListener("midimessage", "all", logMidiMessage); });